Blue Light Summit 2021 Annual Forum on Digital Devices & Global Health

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Blue Light Summit 2021


Keynote: President Vicente Fox

The 62nd President of Mexico calls on global leaders to respond to the potential health risks posed by elevated screen time and blue light exposure.

Consumers in focus
Millions of device users are at risk, and consumers are front and center. Hear personal stories of digital eye strain, sleep disruption and health impacts, and how they found solutions.

Shared goal: protect billions of eyes
Now is the time to join forces and provide solutions designed for human health. Justin Barrett, CEO Eyesafe introduces Frank Azor, Chief Architect Gaming Solutions, AMD.

UnitedHealthcare, Dell global vision for health
How does the largest insurance provider address screen time health? What vision do they share with global electronics brands? Join John Ryan, UnitedHealthcare Vision for a conversation with Donnie Oliphant, of Dell Technologies.

HP awarded 2021 Global Leadership and Achievement in Screentime Safety
And the winner is… HP Inc. Recognized with GLASS Award for broadest portfolio of Eyesafe® Certified PCs and monitors, presented by Dr. David Friess to Joanne Bugos, HP.

OLED: the future of low blue light TV is here  
LG Display, the world’s largest manufacturer of OLED television panels, announced a first-of-its kind partnership with Eyesafe to position OLED as the world’s most effective technology for eye comfort. With KJ Kim from LG Display,  Davis Lee, Dr. Vance Thompson, moderated by CNN’s Arick Wierson.

Lenovo: Smarter technology for all eyes
Focused on a bold vision to deliver smarter technology for all, senior executives Stefan Engel and Zhaochun Ma highlight its 30+ commercial and consumer monitors and laptops which have achieved Eyesafe® Certification.

Lenovo Eyesafe® Certified Monitors and Notebooks
See more monitors with low blue light for gaming at

BOE: new announcement in LED Displays
The world’s largest display maker announced Development Efforts for New Low Blue Light LED Displays with Eyesafe Display Technology, with Davis Lee, Eyesafe and Frank Mao of BOE.

ZAGG: New Glass XTR for iPhone 13
Chris Ahern, CEO at ZAGG on why they were first, how they help millions of consumers every day, and announcing new mobile accessories with enhanced low blue light filtration.

Employees and students at risk
What can employers and educators do to protect health and productivity? Paul Wright, Eyesafe will weigh in on solutions for mitigating blue light from digital devices in enterprise and education.

Eye on consumer safety: TÜV Rheinland
Neutral third-party testing is vital to consumer safety, and validating low blue light performance. CNN’s Arick Wierson and Frank Holzmann, from TÜV Rheinland reveal what’s next in standards and certification.

Gamers on the front lines of exposure
World-renowned ophthalmologist Mitchell Jackson MD has a unique lens on screen time – his son Max “Aror” Jackson is a pro esports gamer, they dive into gaming and blue light.

Acer Eyesafe® Certified Low Blue Light Monitors
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Gigabyte Eyesafe® Certified Gaming Monitors
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An influential eye on blue light health 
Join for insights from an acclaimed ophthalmologist and a key eye health influencer Dr. Dagny Zhu. Her vision for outreach and blue light education bridges social media and print media.


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September 29, 9:00am (China)